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List of services offered by PsychoMedic.pl Psychological-Psychiatrical Clinic within PsychoMedic.online. 

Remember! PsychoMedic.online is a legally registered, registered medical entity.

Payment for online services is charged at the time of booking an online visit, if you will not appear during visit, the payment will be not refunded.

The list of benefits offered by NZOZ PsychoMedic.pl Clinic of Psychological and Psychiatric:

Service Price Time (min.)
Consultation with a psychiatrist 70 €
Consultation, counselling with a psychologist 43 € 50
Psychotherapy 43 €  50
Couple therapy 70 € 90
Coaching 85 € 50


Coaching topics:

1. Plan your best career path.
2. How to effectively set and achieve goals?
3. How to motivate when motivation is lacking?
4. Assentiveness.
5. Communication in Relationships – How to Improve Relationships.
6. Work on limiting, toxic beliefs.
7. Find the mission of life, the purpose of life.
8. Effective self-presentation.

Copying medical records:
– one page of the extract or copy of medical records 7 PLN
– one copy of the medical records 0,7 PLN